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I consider myself as a Humane Technologist, amongst other things.I use the term Humane Technologist to indicate that I use, advice and assist with various technology in a humane way.I have been using and working with many kinds of technology for about 40 years.

I do not agree with the use of any technology when it is employed in a way to avoid necessary human interpersonal communication.I believe in the use of technology, may it be simple or complex technology, in appropriate ways.

That is I do not believe technology should be used at all or in an appropriate way when oneís personal response is required to another personís behaviour.I know this is a difficult judgement to when a personal response is necessary, but I believe far too often technology is used when a person lacks the courage to confront a difficult situation.As a consequence the inappropriate use of technology can often turn a difficult situation into a devastating experience.††††††††††††††

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